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The high-speed hovercraft service in Japan (Oita-Beppu-Airport)

Oita Hovercraft cuts across Beppu Bay connecting Oita Airport with the cities of Oita and Beppu. This is an ideal means of transportation to reach the airport and these busy areas. Leaving Oita, the hovercraft lands at Aki and runs along the 650 m long driveway to reach the Hovercraft Terminal. Passengers are conveyed to the departure building of Oita Airport by the automatic sidewalk. Convenience has been increased along with time saved. In Oita Hoverferry, there is two types of Hovercraft going into service. One is MV-PP10 and other is MV-PP5. Both were constructed by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding in Japan. MV-PP10 was introduced recently, and can accommodates 105 passengers. On the other hand, 75 passengers can be accommodated with MV-PP 5.



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